Compare and Contrast

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As similar as they may seem, boxing and MMA are two very different sports. I know what you’re thinking, “The object of the sport is to punch the other guy in the face, how different can they be?” The truth is, both sports involve punching the other guy in the face, the difference is the rules and equipment used to do so. I know it’s hard to imagine someone like Oscar De La Hoya and a man like Brock Lesnar having anything in common, but they do, and I am going to tell you how. I know it’s also hard to picture Boxing and MMA having any differences, but I will show you.

I first would like to start off with the comparison of the two sports. The first obvious reason they are similar is they are both fighting sports. The second is the outcome of the fight can be determined by three judges, only if the fight actually goes to the end. Another similarity is the weight classes, no one likes an unfair fight so these two magnificent sports make every fight fair. The last similarity are the nicknames that each fighter can give to themselves, fighters can dub themselves with a nickname to make themselves more scary, but mostly it’s just for show.

Now we will discuss the many differences of these two sports. The main difference is the fact that in the UFC the fighters can kick and knee each other, in addition they can bring their opponent to the ground. This makes MMA a much more dangerous sport, although some say it requires less skill and timing than boxing. Another difference is the type of court the battle takes place on. In the UFC the fighters collide in an octagon with a fence, or cage, around it. In the sport of boxing the two men compete in a square ring with ropes around it.

As you can see, these two sports aren’t the same like some people say. However, they are very similar. I am personally a fan of the UFC, to me it seems to be more like a drag race, quick and exciting. Boxing is like a NASCAR race, more of a marathon. The next time you watch either of these...
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