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What Factors Influence The Consumer S Buying Behavior Marketing Essay Introduction
A consumer buys goods or services for his or her personal use. ( Armstrong & Kotler ) What factors influences the consumers buying behavior? This literature review on consumers buying behavior , many scholars and researchers working in this field. They from different angles on the impact of consumers buying behavior . They have found large area is divided into many categories of factors. These are cultural factors, personal factors, social factors, psychological factors, various academic sources have been used and reviewed below. Today, the all world markets change to global market, it has brought many opportunities and challenges, and the markets are facing more challenges even than before, especially the rapid technological advancements like shopping online and this fast developing economy has completely changed people’s lifestyle. With the development of consumer society, the concept of corporate management more concerned about the consumer changes. 60s from the 20th century, the concept of corporate management from production orientation, market orientation of the development of marketing orientation. “A good market researcher will study the thought process undergone by consumers, compare it with their demographic data, and use the resulting information to market their products.”( Armstrong et al, 2009 ) This literature review is the objectives and the purpose of this paper to know the different aspects that the consumers have take into account when they decide to use a certain product. Consumers around the world is different in gender, age, income, education level, living habits, and tastes, when they purchase the product they show an incredible difference, those consumer purchase behaviors could be influenced by many factors, such as cultural, personal, social and psychological. ( Armstrong & Kotler, 2009 ) The world leading authorities on marketing researcheres: professor Armstrong and professor Kotler, they analyzed “ the consumer buying behavior refers to the buying behavior of final consumer, individuals and households who buy goods and services for personal consumption.”( Armstrong & Kotler, 2009) Linehan and Cadogan (2000) has many years experience worked with the big companies on marketing research, they got the similar opinion with Armstrong & Kotler, and also point out that marketers can not control the buying factors. Consumer buying behavior is been researched more and more today , due to the huge technology change ,that has taken place in the last two decades, marketers must know what influence on the consumer’s buying decision. Those weaknesses have been discussed based in the current literature reviews. It suggests that the marketer should not only understand the existing model of the consumer behavior, but also should examine the effect of the personal impulse buying factors. Culture factors

Culture is an important factor in consumer buying behavior. Culture distinguishes one human group from others. A people’s culture includes their beliefs, rules of behavior, language, rituals, art, technology, styles of dress, ways of producing and cooking food, religion, and political and economic systems. (Kim and Ahn, 2006) The most famous authority on culture study is Geert Hofstede, he has determined that culture as “mental programming” which each person has his or her own pattern of thinking, feeling or action which have learned through their life time.(Hofstede,2001) Hofstede produced five different dimensions that classifies different cultures, and his dimensions are relevant to this literature review on consumer buying behaviors: Individualism and collectivism, has been studied as the patterns of buying is different cultures that fall within either individualism or collectivism categories . Culture can be best expressed in the complex interactions of values, attitudes, and behavioral assumptions of a society....
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