5.Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behavior:

Topics: Sociology, United States, Asian American Pages: 3 (668 words) Published: December 24, 2011
Consumer purchases are influenced strongly by cultural, social personal and psychological characteristics for the most part, marketers cannot such factors but they must take them in to account Cultural Factors:

Cultural factors exists brand and deep influence in consumer behavior. The market needs to understand the role played by the buyers cultural sub culture and social class. Culture :
The set of basic values, perception wants and behaviors learned by a member of society from family other important intuitions. Culture is the most basic cause of a person’s wants and behavior. human behavior is largely learned. Growing up in a society, a child learns basic values, perception, wants and behaviors from the family and other important institutions. A child in the United States normally leers or is exposed it the following values: achievement and success activity and involvement, efficiency and practically progress, hard work, materials confront individuals freedom, humanitarianism youth fullness and fitness and health .every group or society has a culture and culture influences buying behavior may very greatly from country to country. Failure to adjust to these differences can result in infecting marketing or embarrassing mistakes Sub culture:

A group of people with shared value system based on common life experiences and situations. Each culture contains smaller subcultures, or group of people with shared value system based on common life expresses and stations sub culture make up important market.8.Important Sub culture Groups: (a) African- American Consumers:

With annual buying power of $799 billion, estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2012 the nation’s 38.7 million African – American consumers also attract much marketing attention. The U.S black population is growing in affluence and sophistication. Although more price conscious than other segments, blacks are also strongly...
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