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Marketing group case presentations

Group assignment:
Each group has to present the case in front of the class with some main tasks as follows: + Summarise the case
+ Answer questions given for each case
+ Use powerpoint slides to presents ideas and answers

Case for each chapter:

Assigned Group
Chapter 2: The Olympics: Branding on a global stage (p. 65)
Chapter 3 - Xerox: adapting to the turbulent marketing environment (p. 93) G2
Chapter 5 - Apple: the keeper of all things cool (p. 163)
Chapter 6 - Air Arabia: No frills flying across the Middle East (p. 201) G4
Chapter 7 - Aviva: one name, one brand (p.235)
Chapter 8 - Google: innovation at the speed of light (p.271) G1
Chapter 9 – Harry Potter: sparks fly during supermarket price war (p.301) G2
Chapter 10 – Zaytoun: the fairer way to trade olive oil (p.337) G3
Chapter 11 – Ramez super discount store: from rags to riches (p.371) G4
Chapter 12 – Unilever: crossing the divide between digital and traditional media (p.403) G5

Questions to be answered for each case:
Questions for Chapter 2 case:
1. Describe the relationship between the Olympic Games and its sponsors. 2. Discuss the marketing opportunities for partner businesses and suppliers to the Olympics. 3. How does the Olympics ensure that ambush marketing is prevented?

Questions for Chapter 3 case:
1. What changes in the technological environment negatively impacted Xerox, causing sales to slow markedly? 2. How did Xerox cope with this changing environment?
3. How effective have they been?

Questions for Chapter 5 case:
1. Who is the Apple customer?
2. How has Apple gained such a devoted following?
3. What is Apple doing to ensure the customer experience remains at a high level?

Questions for Chapter 6 case:
1. What is Air Arabia’s strategy?
2. What is unique about their market segmentation strategy?
3. Are there weaknesses in Air Arabia’s strategy?...
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