Mkt1 Company G 3 Year Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Consumer electronics, Pages: 15 (4066 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Company G
3-Year Marketing Plan
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Table of Contents

Mission Statement2
The Product2
Consumer Product Classification3
Target Market3
Competitive Situation Analysis3
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model3
SWOT Analysis4
Market Objectives6
Product objective6
Price objective6
Place objective6
Promotion objective6
Market Strategies7
Product Strategies7
Price Strategies7
Place Strategies7
Promotion Strategies8
Tactics and Action Plan8
Product Action Plan8
Price Action Plan9
Place Action Plan9
Promotion Action Plan10
Monitoring Procedures10

XG Wi-Fi Gateway for mobile devices.
With two decades of innovative and award winning design, Company G has grown to be a market leader in consumer electronics. The Company enjoys unparalleled brand recognition and is highly rated and trusted by consumers worldwide. Company G’s products are known for their original design, durability and use of innovative technology. Company G’s brands enjoy both high consumer desirability and high consumer loyalty. With a reputation as a trend setter, many of Company G’s mobile electronic products are sought-after as “Status Symbols” purchases. Some of the Company’s products benefit from a cult like following among early adopters and some serve as industry bench-marks against similar products. With the introduction of the XG Wi-Fi Gateway, the Company plans to continue to strive to be the first to market in the consumer electronic market segments that it enjoys competing in. The Company will also maintain the practice of extending products life cycles and promoting their market positions by offering novel peripheral products such as the XG Wi-Fi Gateway timed to support and broaden the market interest and appeal associated with other existing XG products. Mission Statement

“We combine beautiful design and intuitive functionally to provide consumers with desirable products that enhance the quality and convenience of their lives.” The Product
The new XG Wi-Fi Gateway for mobile devices allows consumers to easily manage which Wi-Fi enabled mobile device can assess their secured home Wi-Fi network. The XG Wi-Fi Gateway is a peripheral product of the Company’s popular XG Wireless Router series. The XG Wi-Fi Gateway is industry compliant with North America and Euro Zone wireless communication standards and is compatible with other manufacturer’s routers. The XG Wi-Fi Gateway for mobile devices allows a consumer to manage their secure home Wi-Fi network through any other device designated as the “Administrator”. When a new Wi-Fi enabled device attempts to access the home Wi-Fi network through the XG Wi-Fi Gateway, an alert message is sent to the administrator. The administrator can choose several pre-set network access options as well as select from their own custom rules allowing or limiting network access to specific devices. The XG Wi-Fi Gateway for mobile devices is a 3 inch by 3 inch by 1/3 inch pad that links to the home router via a 2.0 USB plug. The XG Wi-Fi Gateway for mobile devices can also connect directly to any router with the additional purchase of a USB to Ethernet converter cable. The XG Wi-Fi Gateway for mobile devices has a minimal footprint. Once connected, the consumer does not have to interact with or manipulate the devices and it can be hidden or placed out of the way behind a computer or router. The administrator interacts with the XG Wi-Fi Gateway for mobile devices through the Wi-Fi Gateway application. The software is provided and compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows, OS X and Chrome operating systems. A free Wi-Fi Gateway application can also be downloaded, installed and run on smart phones and tablets using iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. The XG Wi-Fi Gateway for mobile...
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