Mixed Economy Of Irish Welfare

Topics: Unemployment, Welfare, Welfare state Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: February 19, 2015
Mixed economy of Irish welfare
Welfare is the state of healthy balance for people (Segal, 2009). A good welfare state consists of a public who are happy, healthy, capable and engaged in society. According to the National Economic and Social Council (2009) well-being relates to one’s physical, social and mental state, it requires needs being met and people having a purpose. A sense of security is needed both financially and personally. According to Esping-Andderson (1990) there are three worlds of welfare. Ireland has a liberal welfare regime. The welfare state encourages reliance on the economic market with safety nets for the poor. Titmuss’ developed three models of welfare, residual, industrial achievement and industrial redistribution. Titmuss believed that the welfare state should be based on the four freedoms; freedom of speech, religion, freedom from want and fear (Titmuss 1941). The welfare state developed from a political and societal acceptance of collective responsibilities for social problems. Altruism is a key concept in social policy. Altruism is defined as a “concern for the interests and welfare if others” (Heywood, 2007). Altruism is central to social policy with Titmuss (1970) asking ‘why give to strangers’. He believed that public service was superior to private or commercial forms of care. Offe (1984) suggested that political institutions in capitalist societies which use social and economic policies to gain economic growth, who provide education and employment do so to protect their citizens from capital markets. According to Offe (1984) creating welfare state in Europe between capital, labour and politics, is the greatest European achievement. Overbye (2010) posed questions of the welfare state. Overbye (2010) questioned whether or not the welfare state enhanced social integration? Does the welfare state redistribute wealth to the poor or the less deserving better off? Overbye (2010) asked does the welfare state enable and empower the...
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