Welfare Drug Testing

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Jason Comis
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27 November 2012
Testing One Two Three
In the current state of the American economy, needless spending is something the government needs to avoid at all costs. With some trillion dollars owed to various foreign countries, the United States literally cannot afford to pump money into programs that do not benefit the country as a whole. Michael Tanner, who is the Director of Health and Welfare studies at the Cato Institute, reports that this year the Federal government will spend 952,000,000,000 dollars on programs to help the poor (10). While some of this money goes to people who truly need it, there are many people that take advantage of the kindness of others. Robert Rector, who is the Senior Research Fellow in Domestic Policy at the Heritage Foundation, discovered in a study that one third of welfare recipients use illegal drugs. What the results of this study translate to is simple, that almost 300 billion dollars is fueling the drug habits of those who selfishly turn down assistance. In order to fully understand the nature of welfare programs it is important know the history behind them and the steps that can be taken by the average citizen to increase the effectiveness of said programs. Drug testing welfare candidates will save capital, discourage drug use in children, and stimulate the economy by preventing welfare users from using the government as a crutch instead enabling the recipient to become financial stable.

In every country and civilization that has ever existed, there has and will always be an unequal spread of capital among the people. Governments have tried to establish balance in society by means of communism and socialism, but it is evident that these methods simply do not work. However, human ethics tells us that helping those in need is a virtue that must be performed. In our society, this virtue has manifested itself in the various welfare programs that the government funds with the money of more fortunate Americans. Robert Rector defines welfare as any program that “provides cash, food, housing, medical care, and targeted social services to poor and low income Americans”. The birth of this new-age welfare system that demands little from its constituents occurred not long ago. However, in order to discuss this young welfare system one must understand the original intention of the welfare system. The precursor to our modern welfare system was conceived during a time where America faced its darkest hour and her people were in dire need of a helping hand. During The Great Depression America took a plunge into depravity. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was engaged in an all out war with mass unemployment due to the stock market crashing. To help combat unemployment and lack of capital being circulated through the economy, Roosevelt created the New Deal policies. Inside Roosevelt’s New Deal policies were four major welfare cornerstones; social security, Aid to Dependent Children, workmen’s compensation, and unemployment insurance (Hombs 2). The assistance of needy people became more of a Federal responsibility with the establishment of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare in 1953 The 1960’s ushered in an age where poverty took center stage due in part to the Civil Rights movement. President Lyndon B. Johnson marked a huge milestone in welfare’s history during this era with the establishment of Medicare and Medicaid programs (Hombs 3). The original intention of welfare programs was not to provide assistance based on poverty, but to support people who could not work due to age or infirmity. President Nixon reaffirmed this philosophy by proposing the Family Assistance Plan. This program supplied families with funds that carried them over the poverty line, but only if they possessed a job or were involved in a job training program (Hombs 5). With this juxtaposition of welfare’s biggest milestones, it is apparent that the goal...
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