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It's funny how life can be up one minute and down the next minute, and every time you try look at things in a posive way, there is always something that makes you realise that, no this is life and not everything is peaches and cream. Today I woke up feeling down and depressed but there was no reason for me to feel like that, so I did what everyone expects me to, I put a smille on my face and pretended like everyhing was fine, which it was. It was just me who wasn't, you may ask yourself why not just come out with it and tell someone what is really wrong with you or act exactly how you feel, down and depressed. Well see thet is not really that easy to do beacuse all my life I've always wanted to make sure that other people are happy and that I look happy to others so I wont have to bother them with my soapy sad stories of how sad I am and all the weird stuff that comes with it. I much better prefer it when people come cry to me than me cry to them because I taught myself how to be there for others as well as how to be there for myself so others wont have to worry or be bothered by me. Showing when I'm sad and angry and depressed is not reallly who I am or what I like to do, call me sellfish or a people's pleaser it really is fine with me because for as long as I can remember it's worked for me. And you know what the funny part is? As I started typing this essay I was down and depressed but now that I 've come to the conclusion I'm fine and myself again, and this is what I've been trying to say the whole time... I am my own healer.
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