Mistaken Identity Book Report

Topics: God, Taylor University, Family Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Mistaken Identity
Mistaken Identity, the story of two families, one survivor, and unwavering hope! The setting of this story was in many places; the accident was in Anderson, Indiana , the main part of the story during the recovery was in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the other parts of the story took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan and a few other places along the way. The accident and recovery were during the year of 2006, the accidents exact date was April 26, 2009.

The story Mistaken Identity was a story explaining the traumatic events that happened during the Taylor University accident. The happenings on that day were supposed to be nothing more than going down to Fort Wayne to help set up for a banquet, but turned out to be a day that would change the lives of many people forever, even more than everyone had first expected. The accident; a semi trailer went into the wrong lane and crashed into a Taylor University van on Highway I-69 around 7 p.m. Four students and one faculty member died and three faculty members seriously injured and one student injured Whitney Cerak. And that is where the story begins. The day of the accident Whitney Cerak and Laura VanRyn were misidentified, and this was not found out until five weeks after the accident. While the Cerak family was mourning the death of their daughter Whitney the VanRyn family was struggling remaining sane and caring for their seriously injured daughter in the hospital. The Cerak family was making funeral arrangements and remembering the happy times they had with their daughter, while the VanRyn family was finding out what was going on with their daughter and what the recovery process was going to need to be in order in have a good recovery. The families faith got even stronger through these tragic events. They stayed close as a family and got even closer to God while everyone around them just wanted to help in everyway possible. They met some very nice people along the way and some people that helped...
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