Mission Statement of princess castle doll house

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Market Segmentation:
Geographic variables: The toy stores will be located in Gulshan, Banani and Dhanmondi. This is where most of the high-income group people live.

Demographic variables: The age of our consumers are likely to be from 5 to 13 years old. The toys we manufacture are for high-income group. The gender is for both male and female kids.

Psychographic variables: Our goal is to make our toys seem really cool for the kids. We aim to influence the high society kids. If one of the kid buys our toy, the others will get influenced and also purchase from our store.

Behavioral variables: Fantasy Toy World’s toys are incredibly resilient. The manual given with each toy is very handy. Our salesperson personally shows how the toys are to be operated. All our toys have one-year warranty.

Target Market: Fantasy Toy World’s target market is the high-income group and the high middle-income group people. The toys are made for kids and teens.

External Environment:

Political and legal environment: Government is supporting towards our company because we are the only standardized toy company of our country. Most of the toys that toy stores sell are exported, because of our company the demand for exported toys are likely to be decreased.

Technological Environment: We bring high technological machineries from abroad and developed improved factory operative system.

Socio-cultural Environment: The youth of today is highly influenced by the global image. They are likely to be interested in our toys that meet the international standard.

Global Environment: Our high competitors are the international toy brands such as Barbie and Lego that are pretty popular in Bangladesh.

Economic Environment: In Bangladesh the rich people lives a fulsome lifestyle and can afford to buy their children expensive toys.


1. Princess Castle Doll House- Large dollhouses where little girls can actually go inside and play with their dolls. The cost of the dollhouse is 15000 Taka. In Bangladesh dollhouses, like the ones we produce, are not that available. Children do see these dollhouses in television and wants one as well. Our dollhouses are foldable so it convenient for kids to carry it anywhere they want and set it up comfortably. The dollhouses come in various colors with three rooms inside. There is one bedroom, a kitchen and a dining space. Since the dollhouse is an expensive toy, it is expected not to sale in bulk. At the introductory state of the product life cycle we will produce 50 each month and display one in the shop window. As the sales increase and it moves to growth we will produce more. At maturity stage of the product our cost of developing and creating the dollhouse will be recovered and so will be the promotional and advertising cost. When the product will reach its declining stage we will renovate the dollhouse and add more interesting features to it.

2. Mini Car- Mini cars are cars that are run by battery and kids age of 4 to 7 years old can drive it. These cars are 4 feet long and two kids can fit in it. The seats are comfortable and it is very is easy to drive. The mini cars are light in weight so it is easy to carry or lift them. The mini car comes in three colors: pink, blue and black. Inside the store there is a round circle for kids to drive the car and see if they like it before purchasing. The price of the mini car is 10000 Taka. At the introductory stage of the product life cycle we will produce 60 of them every month and keep five in display. When it will reach the growth stage the product will be well marketed so that it quickly reaches its maturity stage. Once the product reaches its declining stage we will reduce the price in a substantial amount to clear the product.

3.Toy Robot-High tech educational toy robot is programmed in such a way that it can give lessons about history, geography, science and...
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