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In addition to our team figuring out the main issues affecting Hasbro and the toy industry, we decided to also reframe our ideas by taking different viewpoints. As the pictures below illustrate, we did start off by documenting the social, economic and environmental viewpoints of our company. Social Stakeholders

The screenshot above documents our initial attempt to dealing with the social aspect of Hasbro. At our first attempt at taking this point of view, we were trying to find what social aspects affected Hasbro. We wanted to research how the social aspect affected Hasbro’s profits. On subsequent reframing of stakeholders, we began to look at the parents and children concerns of Hasbro’s business. Instead of looking at stakeholders in a Hasbro centered view we began to look at how Hasbro affected stakeholders (stakeholder centered view). This began to change our approach to viewing social issues. We started to look at how stakeholders viewed Hasbro. Parents

Human Rights
Other Countries
Age range
The West

As we began to look at a variety of social issues, we began to have lively debates on what was important and what wasn’t. The diverse views we took help us shape the complexity of Hasbro and the toy industry. Kids-Demographic view: Age range for traditional toys is narrowing. The definition of toys is changing and it will affect Hasbro in the future. Electronics (video games and smart phones) are taking over the market. Human rights-Employees (government) view: Wages, work environment and worker’s safety are all important since Human Right’s NGOs can cause difficulties for Hasbro. We later on began to see how government can be involved in this point of view. Governments (China and the US) can enact laws that will adversely affect how the toy industry operates. Parents – Kids view: Safety of toys and how toys influence kids was also an important viewpoint to take. Parents are very sensitive of their kids and parents are also the gatekeepers to what kids get as toys. If parents aren’t satisfied with toys, it will directly impact sales and success. Other countries view: Because of global uncertainty and the wars in the Middle East, if China or the US were to enact trade barriers, which would impact Hasbro because they outsource most of their manufacturing to China. We debated about these issues until the team was able to produce problem statement that satisfied the team’s needs. Environmental Stakeholders

The screenshot above documents our initial attempt to dealing with the environmental aspect of Hasbro. Like the social issues, we were trying to find what environmental issues affected Stakeholders and Hasbro. As we began to develop our TBL problem, we initially focused on how environmental factors affected Hasbro in a financial way. During the middle of our TBL analysis, we thought that our framing of the environment wasn’t the only way and we set it aside because the Environment issues brought by Stakeholders seemed actionable with limited effectiveness (effects the environment and maybe economical but doesn’t touch on the social). Then during the final 2 weeks of our project, out of sheer frustration, we revisited and researched how the Hasbro affects the environment and the results blew open and shaped our problem and solution. Beginning of investigation

Middle of investigation
Later investigations
Climate Change
Actions to help the environment
PVC what is it? (detailed investigation)
Increase in raw materials based on climate change (cotton)
Costs associated with helping the environment
How PVC affects the social, environmental and economical.
Environmental processes
Lack of control…
Potential earthquakes
Environmental costs

PVC (no detailed investigation)

What the chart above describes is the process we went through...
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