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Miss Julie's conclusion analysis

By tiziwon Apr 18, 2015 592 Words
The most fundamental cause for Miss Julie’s downfall would be her cognitive dissonance as a result of conflicting values infused by each of her parents. First, Julie acquired her emotional aspect through her commoner and feminist mother, therefore acted less femininely and boldly revealed her sexual desire. In contrast, she inherited aristocratic status and rational aspect from her father, which gave Julie a notion of pride and honor with classist attitude. These contrasting identities would have been collided subconsciously and constantly throughout her life, until she engaged in sexual relation with Jean, her father’s valet, and realized her conflicting personalities. This incident raised Julie’s self-contradiction to surface and let her undergo mental collapse, caused by a severe gap between her emotion (lust and sexual desire) and reason (her duty to be noble and honorable). Her confusion and emotional fluctuation was reflected on dialogues between Julie and Jean, such as “So, you hate men, Miss Julie?” “Yes! Most of the time! But sometimes – when the weakness comes, when passion burns! Oh, God, will the fire never die out? (p. 49)” Therefore, she tried to justify herself that her deed had been ‘love’ which was still romantic and noble, but Jean denied it, as in “Now you want to cover up your mistake by telling yourself that you love me! You don’t. (p. 48)” Toward the end of the play, the more Julie’s self-contradiction got extreme, the more Julie seemed to lose herself, as in “I’m not able to do anything. … You know what I should do, but don’t have the will to… (p. 54)”, and at last destroy herself.

The most fundamental cause of Miss Julie’s downfall appears to be her cognitive dissonance as a result of the conflicting values inherited from each of her parents; Julie, having taken over her feminist commoner mother's emotional aspect, therefore acts less femininely and boldly reveals her sex drive. (글에서 명시적으로 성욕에 대한 표출을 한 부분이 있나요?) In contrast, she naturally inherits her social standing as a count's daughter, therefore resembling her father in terms of rationality; it seems to give Julie a certain notion of pride and honor along with the classist attitude. Therefore, her conflicting self identities seem to have heavily affected her subconsciousness throughout her life, up until she engages in sexual relations with Jean, her father’s valet and have a nervous breakdown. Then, this particular sexual encounter, raising Julie’s self-contradiction to the surface, pushes her into a state of severe agitation. Apparently, her melt-down as the mistress of the house, a count's daughter, and mostly importantly a woman springs from a severe gap between her emotion (lust in particular) and reason (her duty to act honorably). Her confusion and emotional fluctuation are well reflected in a long, heated dialogue between her and Jean; “so, you hate men, Miss Julie?” “Yes! Most of the time! But sometimes – when the weakness comes, when passion burns! Oh, God, will the fire never die out? (p. 49)” So, she tries to justify her actions, claiming that it is ‘love,' seemingly romantic and noble. But Jean tartly writes it off, “now you want to cover up your mistake by telling yourself that you love me! You don’t (p. 48).” Toward the end of the play, the more extreme Julie’s self-contradiction grows, the more Julie seems to lose her own self; “I’m not able to do anything. … You know what I should do, but don’t have the will to… (p. 54)." Clearly, it sheds light on her shattered self-esteem, signaling her downfall.

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