Topics: Hospital, Emergency department, Urgent care Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: June 29, 2014
P6: Describe one local health or social care service provider and identify its place in national provision. In this assignment I have to have an understanding of service provisions in health and social care sectors and in this criteria I will be talking about hospital provision. ‘National provision is described as set of rules and guidelines from a specific government that is established to ensure that quality and equality of care, in schools, nurseries, child minders, social services among others’.

The provision of health and social care is provided at three different levels; primary which is usually a self-referral perhaps because you have notice systems of something, and an example of primary provisions would be GP, dentists, pharmacists and private social care, secondary level is likely to be referral by A GP, and emergency services and examples of this would be district general hospital’s, outpatients, and accident and emergency services (A&E), and lastly tertiary, which referrals are made by inter -specialists and examples of this include special injuries units and burns units. The type of local health provision I will be talking about is a hospital. There are private hospitals which people wanting or receiving care from them ,will have to pay for and there are hospitals which are part of the NHS which means that care is free as they rvide a service free at the point of delivary. Hospitals care and treat patients that arrive at the hospital. This can range from a small cut that needs treating to life saving operations. There are many different wards on a hospital which can specify in certain illnesses etc. For example E.D (emergency department) is in every hospital and it deals with emergencies and newly admitted patients who need urgent treatment. Hospitals can also offer support for things like stopping smoking and losing weight etc. The NHS was formed in 1948. ‘current policies for the nhs is to ensure ongoing improvements in the quality of care for...
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