Health and Social Care Task 2

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Task 2 –The needs of the client and the types of service that exist to meet their needs

Matlock children’s centre is a health and social care and early years’ service that provides care and advice from clients aged 0-5 years of age who are both male and female and all seem to be the same race (white Caucasian). Usually around 10 children attend the different sessions available and the service for peeps two runs twice a week from 11am -1pm twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays every two weeks. This service offers a range of activities for the children to participate in and they are generally left to choose which one they wish to do while the children’s centre workers supervise. Matlock children’s centre is situated on School Road, a street just off chesterfield road. The centre itself is situated near Hurst farm estate and also surrounded by loads of countryside. There is a field just beside the centre where in the summer the children they do some activities. It is also situated adjacent to Castle View primary school. The building itself is old but it has been fully renovated form the inside to make it look more modern and is one story high.

Health and social care and early year’s services can be divided into these 4 groups according to according to how they are funded and organised Statutory services
Statutory services these are funded by the local or central government. Examples of this service would be school nursing and community nursing. Examples of statutory social care would be services provided by the local authority services department e.g. early years education Private services

These provide a range of services and all private services charge the client or patient for their services. Examples of this service are private hospitals, private residential homes and private nurseries Voluntary services

These are provided by voluntary organisations that are usually charities and may provide services for certain clients e.g. age concern for the...
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