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Allow me to thank the people first behind the success of being here at Roots and Routes Travel and Tours for making our OJT a possible one.

To our Instructor, Mr. Eden Vasquez for helping us also to be here at Roots and Routes Travel and tours. For giving us a chance to explore the real world of Tourism. We have learn a lot from you sir. This time, you really made this OJT at Roots and Routes a challenging one to all of us.

To our parents and guardian, our deepest gratitude and appreciation for being with us all through the way from the very beginning and  for showing your unconditional love and unending support financially, emotionally and spiritually. 

To the Roots and Routes family, thank you for your warm welcome and for giving us this one of a kind experience in having our OJT  in your company. For the chance that you have given us to be with your team and for giving us more knowledge in this fast and furious world of Tourism. And most especially for helping us to hone our knowledge as we continue to strive in our ambitions in life.

Roots and Routes Travel and Tours is a full service travel agency. It is both alternative and mainstream providing diverse travel services to promote sustainable and responsible tourism. It was conceived to be a social enterprise and an alternative travel provider. We integrate experiential learning in our tours and focuses on the community and the environment. Specifically, it aims to revitalize and enhance habitat, the local economy, and indigenous culture. However, Roots and Routes welcome travelers needing light and fun tours!

We aim to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism by: Supporting community-based sustainable tourism without taking away the fun and thrill of travel Promoting experiential tourism by providing learning opportunities for travel, making the traveler more mindful of the realities of the communities and sites visited....
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