Topics: Developmental psychology, Linguistics, Noam Chomsky Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Supporting childrens literacy skills- Theorists

People have many different theories about the way that children learn and develop their literacy skills. Chomsky had a very unique theory that a lot of people would believe in. Chomsky believed that all children are born with an ability to learn any human language. He believes that all children have a ''language acquisition device'' or LAD that controls the structure of literacy into the child's brain. He then goes on to say that children only have to learn new vocabulary and apply the already known structures to create a sentence. Chomsky expresses how a child could not learn a language through repetition alone as it is not spoken around them. Every language is unique and complex; all with specific distinctions which even the speakers are unaware of. He says that all children become fluent in their native language by the age of five or six, regardless of their abilities. Chomsky has obviously thought hard about his theory as there is a lot of evidence to back him up and very little to contradict him. Children that are learning to speak never make grammatical errors such as getting their subjects, verbs and objects in the wrong order; therefore, if an adult was to deliberately say a grammatically incorrect sentence, the child would pick up on it. Children will often say things like 'mama ball' which are incorrect. They could not have learnt this passively. Mistakes such as 'I drawed' instead of 'I drew' means that children are not learning by imitation alone. As an example Chomsky pointed out that things can be grammatically correct without having to make sense or have meaning. 'Colorless green ideas sleep furiously'. We can tell the difference between a correct and incorrect sentence without previously ever hearing it; and that we can produce and understand new sentences that no one’s ever said or heard before. Critics say that it is clear that children don’t learn language through imitation alone but it doesn’t...
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