Mis 589 Exercise 8-3

Topics: Ethernet, Category 6 cable, Category 5 cable Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Exercises 8-3
You have been hired by a small company to install a backbone to connect four 100base-T Ethernet LANs (each using one 24-port hub) and to provide a connection to the Internet. Develop a simple backbone and determine the total cost (i.e., select the backbone technology and price it, select the cabling and price it, select the devices and price them, and so on). Prices are available at www.datacommwarehouse.com, but use any source that is convenient. For simplicity, assume that category 5, category 5e, category 6, and fiber-optic cable have a fixed cost per circuit to buy and install, regardless of distance, of $50, $60, $120, and $300, respectively. The Buffalo Business Switch Gaga Switching Hub is a fixed(managed) switch and has the bandwidth necessary to support the four LAN networks. It also has intelligent power control, to monitor activity and conserve energy; reducing the amount of power that is consumed. It makes setup simple auto MDIX for plug and play setup with any Ethernet cable. It can be placed on any rack, wall or desktop as well. Its’ metal chassis, enables it to be fanless, reliable and silent. The 1000 Base-T port is contains, can be used as an uplink path to the internet. This will become useful for duplex uplink connection for all four LAN’s Each LAN hub will connect to the Buffalo Business Switch from the hub uplink port to one of the Buffalo Switch port via CAT 5 UTP cable. CAT 5 UTP was the cable of choice, because it is affordable and is able to support the network speed desired. The Allied Telesis Managed Ethernet Switch was selected for is Active SFP bays and the additional ports with RJ-45 connectors. The Buffalo Business Switch Gaga Switching HUB in addition to the rationale mentioned above was selected for its performance at a rate of 48 Gbps. The fact that it is managed allows for better upgrades and extensions/expansions. It is far less expensive than the similar Cisco model (at $599 ea.). A firewall is included for...
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