Mintzberg Laws

Topics: Management, Decision making, Resource allocation Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Cyril Inneh
Management & OB
Dr. Gerald Burton

Mintzberg’s Roles

Interpersonal: The roles in this category involve providing information and ideas.

* Figurehead: All social, inspiration, legal and ceremonial obligations. In this light, the manager is seen as a symbol of status and authority. * Leader: Duties are at the heart of the manager-employee relationship and include structuring and motivating employees, overseeing their progress, promoting and encouraging their development, and balancing effectiveness. * Liaison: Describes the information and communication obligations of a manager. One must network and engage in information exchange to gain access to knowledge bases.

Example: Attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies, hosting receptions, presentations and other activities associated with the figurehead role. Virtually all managerial operations involving employees. Business correspondence, participation in meetings with representatives of other divisions (organizations).

Informational: The roles in this category involve processing information, helping link all managerial work together.

* Monitor: Duties include assessing internal operations, a department's success and the problems and opportunities that may arise. All the information gained in this capacity must be stored and maintained. * Disseminator: Highlights factual or value based external views into the organization and to employees. This requires both filtering and delegation skills. * Spokesman: Serves in a PR capacity by informing and lobbying others to keep key stakeholders updated about the operations of the organization.

Example: Handling incoming correspondence, periodical surveys, attending seminars and exhibitions, research tours. Dissemination of information letters and digests, interviewing, informing subordinates of the agreements reached. Compiling and disseminating information letters and participation in meetings with progress reports....
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