Mintzberg's Hypothesis for the Design of Organizational Structure

Topics: British H class submarine, Organization, Decentralization Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: December 18, 2010
The efficient design of structure of any organization requires the analysis involving some parameters and hypothesis. The main factors presented by MINTZBERG with the respective hypotheses (from H1 to H16) associated to the organizational configurations structures are the following: - Related to the age and size of the organization. H1: How much older, more formalized will be the behavior of the people from the organization. H2: The organizational structure reflects the time of the sector. H3: How much bigger the organization, more elaborated is its structure (more specialized its tasks, more differentiated its units and more developed its administrative component). H4: How much bigger the organization, greater the average size of its units. H5: How much bigger the organization, more legalized will be its behavior. - Related to the technical system: production for unit, production in mass and production for process. H6: How much more regulated the technical system, more formalized will be the operational work and more bureaucratic the structure of the operational nucleus. H7: How much more sophisticated (difficult to understand) the technical system, more elaborated will be the non operational structure, further ampler the selective decentralization of the assessors and greater will be the use of the linking instruments. H8: The automation of the operational nucleus transforms a bureaucratic administrative structure into an organic structure. - Related to the environment. Everything that is outside the organization. For example: base of knowledge, customers, competitors, geographic position, economic climate, politician, etc. H9: How much more dynamic the environment, more organic will be the structure. H10: How much more complex the environment, more decentralized will be the structure. H11: How much more diversified they will be the markets of the organization, greater the propensity to divide itself in units based on the market. H12: The extreme hostility in...
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