Mining and Summer School

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National University of Mongolia

Summer School Programs 2014

National University of Mongolia
Summer school programs 2014

The National University of Mongolia (NUM)
Overview of NUM Summer School
Description of Programs:
 Mongolian Language and Culture
 Anthropology and Archaeology
 Mining Economy
General Information
Summer School 2013 Participants’ Impressions
How to Apply
1. Gorkhi Terelj
2. Naadam festival
3. Gandan Monastery
4, 5. Umnugovi province,
6. Bogd Khaan’s museum
7. Central stadium(during
the Naadam festival)

Places to visit during summer school program

NUM at glance
Since the NUM was established in 1942, it has been the first and leading Institute of Higher Education in Mongolia.
Schools: 16
Departments: 95
Centers & Institutes: 34
Total University Staff: 1,580
Undergraduate Students: 18039
Graduate Students: 3872
Cooperation with 114 Institutions from 28 Countries


National University of Mongolia

Summer School Programs 2014

NUM Summer School 2014
The NUM is pleased to announce expanded program during this year’s Summer School for those interested in Mongolian Studies. Various themes are explored at an advanced academic level through a combination of practical field experience and training.

Summer school on Mongolian language and culture
Duration: 3 weeks

Students live in a Ger, Mongolian traditional accommodation in historical and beautiful place of Ulaanbaatar’s outskirts. And from an experienced Mongolian language teacher, the students receive language training and learn about Mongolia, no prior experience necessary.

Students can experience Mongolian culture first-hand: traditions, religion, and nomadic herding lifestyle, the Mongolian major summer holiday “Naadam”, horse racing, wrestling, archery, production of milk products, national songs and music. Students have opportunities to travel on their own throughout Mongolia.

Photo by the summer school participant


National University of Mongolia

Summer School Programs 2014

Activity Schedule:
Arrival and reception
Tour of Ulaanbaatar
Lecture at a resort in a natural park (Uvur Zaisan and Gorkhi Terelj) Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar
Sightseeing in National park - Gorkhi Terelj
Farewell Dinner and Certificate Presentation Ceremony, Ulaanbaatar

Language and Culture Program Schedule

9.30 -11.30 AM

14.00- 16.00 PM
Regional Study


Grammar and Literary
Grammar and Literary
Language Dialogue
Regional Study


Regional Study



Regional Study
Grammar and Literary

Credits: 4
Tuition and fees:
Individual: $1,500

All other in-country costs will be borne by the

Institutional Partners: $1,200
Included: Accommodation, meals, in- country
transportation costs during the Program.

International food, including Mongolian and Asian specialties European and vegetarian food by an experienced cooker


National University of Mongolia

Summer School Programs 2014

Summer School and Study Tour of Mining Economy
Duration: 3 weeks

Participants will increase their knowledge about mining industries in Mongolia. It contains two destinations of tour training.
In these days you will visit some mining industries of Mongolia and get practical knowledge from those industries activity. This tour training will take approximately 5000 kilometers. Purpose of Summer school: To introduce the present situation and further approach of mining economy of Mongolia.


National University of Mongolia

Summer School Programs 2014

Schedule of summer school


Place, lecturer

I day

Welcome to Mongolia

Airport and hotel

Give advice and guidance about
summer school
Meeting with tutors and students
of NUM...
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