Ming and Qing Essay

Topics: Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, Confucianism Pages: 3 (577 words) Published: January 25, 2015
Maisarah Burke 3/8/14
From 1200-1750, the Qing and Ming dynasties experienced changes, like the invasion of outsiders, as well as continuities, such as being deeply conservative and increasing the influence of Confucianism in order to create a stable society.

The Qing and Ming dynasties are more similar in their social aspects, such as their conservation of Chinese heritage. Ever since the Ming drove out the Mongols from China, they had been increasingly determined to prevent any invaders or outside influence. They accomplished this by eradicating any influence of the Mongols, such as names and dress, and even built the Great Wall of China as a physical barrier from invaders. They also brought back the system of civil service exams that the Mongols had previously neglected. Similarly, the Qing adapted into the Chinese society and maintained many of the Chinese traditions. They both kept the civil service examinations and both held the concept of “Son of Heaven”, in which the emperor was designated by heavenly powers to maintain order on earth. The Qing were not only conservative of Chinese traditions but their own Manchurian ones as well. They applied strict laws on the Chinese, like forbidding intermarriage between Manchurians and Chinese and the migration of Chinese into Manchuria and even the learning of Manchurian language. Men were also required to wear their hair in the Manchurian style, by shaving the front of their heads in a sign of submission to the Manchu’s rule. Both dynasties, however, were also strict on maritime trade in order to resist outside influence. As a result trade was limited and only happened within the country. Which also resulted in the absence in the exchange of new ideas. This and the fact that the Ming and Qing favored political and social stability over technological innovations, is why there was so little innovation in agricultural and industrial technologies, since the rulers worried it would bring unsettling...
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