Minds Are Open Only When Hearts Are Open

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Opening Your Heart Meditation
Why do we need our heart open? The heart is actually the centreand ruler of your being. Even in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known as the ‘Emperor of the Body’ – not the mind as predominantly thought in the western world. The heart when opened fully is where your inner guidance comes from (and divine guidance if you are open to receiving this). This doorway or bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds can provide profound assistance and healing within your being should youchoose to live more fully in an openhearted state.Below are meditation guidelines from my ‘Opening Your Heart Series’. These are tools and techniques to open and expand yourheart more deeply in life so that you may move through life from the true centre of your being. Hope you find this of assistance and please feel free to share amongst your friends… Basic Technique

Finding somewhere to meditate is important and having your own sacred space is key to being able to stabilise and centre your being with ease. Having this spot permanently set up for meditation would also be advantageous – and note that this is your spot only. Trying to meditate in someone else’s energy after they have meditated may give you extra energy to‘deal’ with, rather than just slipping into your deep meditation with ease. So sitting comfortably (it is not recommended you lie down as you may fall asleep) and simply closing your eyes to go inward is the first step. Just rest there for a few moments, allowing the energy of the day to fall away with some gentle breaths, and consciously allowing your physical body to relax.If you feel guided you may call for support in your meditation from the Universe, such as invoking Angels and Archangels, Buddha, St. Germaine, God/dess etc, or just simply the Universe itself to support you settling into your ‘Receptivity Mode’. Meditation helps you to calm and centre your being so that the Universe may give back to you what you have given out that day. We need to both have giving and receptive moments in our lives, not always giving (doing). Even a battery needs to both give and receive (positive and negative energies/polarities) to function at full strength. Humans are no different. If one constantly gives (does) it is only a matter of time before they burnout or collapse.After your invocation, allow your awareness (consciousness) to gently slide down from your mind and into your heart space (the centre of your chest) where your ‘point of light’ resides. Take your time with this as you may sense a little resistance from your mind/consciousness. If this occurs, simply honour and give thanks for it. It is important that this process is done with love and patience. You may visualise your awareness sliding down into your heart or simply feel it – whatever works for you. Remember – take your time.Once in contact with the flame (light) inside your chest, gently intend for this light to expand. There is no forcing with the mind for this to occur, you simply invite this inner flame within your chest to expand naturally in all directions around you (out the front and back of your heart, to your left and right, and above and below your heart – basically 360 degrees around your heart), and allow it to expand out six feet in all directions – slowly. Intent is all that is needed here. Your heart flame will expand naturally when you invite it to…the mind does not need to force or push it to open. Gentle loving intent is more powerful here – it will respond.As your heart begins to expand one may incorporate any of the following techniques belowOpening Your Heart Series 2009Page 1 of 4 © Azraella Raphael www.azraella.com Tel: 0424 044 130(depending on how they are guided that day) to deepen their heart opening experience. Breath

• With your heart flame gently expanding, simply allow your breath to lovingly support it to expand a little more on each gentle out-breath. Feel or visualise this...
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