Million Dollar Question

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Some people could think of many foolish ways to spend 1 million dollars, but I’m very practical. If I was awarded 1 million dollars I would spend it responsibly but I also would like to have a little fun with the money. The top three things I would spend it on would be paying off my bills, buying a new house, and a buying a new car.

Bills are one of the inevitable nuisances of adulthood and paying them off is the first thing I would do if I had a million dollars. The first thing I would pay off is my lengthy excessive school loans. The value of a college education this day in age is very crucial. Then I would pay off all four of my credit cards. Even though paying bills is a nuisance paying them off and catching up is always an important thing to do.

Housing is the single greatest expense that you have,as a single adult. I would buy a house in Massachusetts in a local near by city/town. My house would have 3 bathrooms 5 bedrooms a pool & a very big back yard for cook outs & family gatherings. I plan on spending at least $250,000.00 on my house . Even though a house requires allot of maintenance and can be very expensive I'd be more then happy to keep up with it.

Lastly I would buy a brand new car with zero miles . The car would have to be a SUV preferably a Range Rover. It would have to be good for winter weather conditions . I would also want it to be fully loaded with a sunroof, heated leather seats ,touch screen raido/cd player, & built in navigation. Having a car isn’t an essential thing in life but if I had the money to afford a nice car like this I would totally buy it !

And even though this is a what if question I still like the idea of being practical. Buying a house & paying off debts is a well thought through way of spending 1million dollars. Buying a car is a little more on the fun not so practical side...
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