How I Would Change the World

Topics: Apartment, House, My Hometown Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Derek Brewer
Dream Out Loud Challenge
March 18, 2013

How I Will Change the World after College

College is definitely in my future. I plan on going to college earning a degree and playing sports. I will change the world after I get out of college by giving my time and money to charity and to the needy in my hometown here in Eastern Kentucky.

The first way I would change the world is, when I make it to the NBA in sports I would provide some of my salary to charity, children’s hospitals, and hospice in my home town. Where I live they are a lot of people in need because we don’t have many jobs. The money I had left over after providing them money I would provide food, a house, and nice cloth’s for my family.

Another way I would change the world is, by bringing many things in my home town for young people to do. I would help by getting a YMCA, hangouts with arcades, fitness centers, and fishing clubs. I would try to convince the leaders of that town to give them that. My home town doesn’t have anything for us young people to do.

A third way, I would build some affordable apartments for people to rent out if they couldn’t afford a home or had to leave their house because they couldn’t pay their rent. We have some of these apartments but not enough. I would also have an apartment complex for families that are out of work and don’t have any income. This would be there for them until they get back to work.

I would also get some new restaurants in this town like a red lobster or a cracker barrel because we get tired of buying off the dollar menu at McDonalds and Wendy’s. I would like for my family to get to go out to a relaxing restaurant and eat in piece. If we didn’t get one of those restaurants in the town I would make one on my own called Big D’s Steak House and they would have all types of food. Big D is what I’ve always been called in sports.

Fifth, I would provide houses to the foster kids that have no parents or their parents are not able...
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