Topics: Management, Henri Fayol, ManaGeR Pages: 8 (2539 words) Published: December 12, 2012
European University (Barcelona)

Management Skills
Case Study 1:

Mentoring Millennials

Performed by
MBA group A:
Muhammad Umer Razi,

John Wetherell

November 1, 2012


Introduction ………………………………………………………………….| 3| Correspondence between Henry Fayol’s managerial functions and mentoring| 4| How relevant are Fayol’s principles in Millennials’ minds ………………….| 5| Recommendations to managers on how to work and build teams with Millennials …………………………………………………………………….| 9|


Each day there are more and more representatives of the generation of Millennials. Today these young people are studying and working hard to obtain all the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to improve on what the older generation is going to hand them over. Theory is important but in 21st century experience is what really values. Business world has come up with a good way of passing the working experience and knowledge to younger colleagues - mentoring. Mentoring is especially important for Millennials because of their psychological dependence on useful advice and sometimes even material help that often comes from their parents, school and university teachers and other “tutors” from the older generation. Millennials are used to consume rather than create. It may sound awkward, but parents have degenerated Millennials’s competency to think creativity and to be initiative by giving them everything they wanted and doing for anything they needed. That is why many of Millennials are looking for quick techniques and quick results without exceptional effort. But anyhow there comes a moment in life when Millennials have to do on their own and they realize that they just don’t know how to work and how to gain success themselves. Millennials turn to be in need of help and advice from older generation. And that is where mentoring comes into play. Actually, this type of training is very useful for both younger employees and more mature managers because it helps them to understand each other better. It is some sort of group therapy. Mentoring also helps managers guide young workers towards handling their ambitions and contributing more willingly to companies’ common goals. Besides, through mentoring the older generation can teach Millennials to become really good managers with regard to the classic principles of management that have been worked out by Henry Fayol.

Correspondence between Henry Fayol’s managerial functions and mentoring Henri Fayol identified 4 functions of management that give a structured view of the basic tasks that every manager has to perform: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Nowadays in 21th century there are more basic managerial functions and tasks, one of them is mentoring. And in some ways there is a correspondence between Fayol’s managerial functions and mentoring. The world is full of knew information that appears everyday. New methods are applied, new theories appear, new technologies are used etc. The modern business process is know often based on different ways of mentoring because one person is just unable to know and be able to do everything. When a new employee comes to a company and especially if he is a Millennial – there is so little time to show and teach him his tasks or whatever, so mentoring is a very productive way of doing that, because it is learning basic and new things while working. While mentoring managers do their work planning, because without planning nothing can exist nor develop. Mentors do organize the workers because it is in some way organizing and explaining the ways that is better to complete the task. They make timetables, schedules, road maps, lay-outs to achieve goals. A mentor is also some sort of leader for Millennials. Because he is the one who can show the right direction to solve the task, he is the one who guides his Millennials. Controling is another managerial function but it is less...
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