Mill Ball Influences Output of Ball Mill

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Mill Ball Influences Output of Ball Mill
Mill ball, as main materials for ball mill processing, is very important for improving output of ball mill. The quality of steel ball, the reasonable ratio and different mining conditions will all affect the output of ball mill. Grinding ballmanufacturers must know about these factors which affect the output of ball mill for the sake of customers.

The use of steel ball is the core condition of ball mill processing. The more knowledge of casting ball proportion, size, materials and hardness can help to improve work efficiency. For grinding steel ball is the main grinding medium in ball mill equipment. The larger proportion and bigger size the ball has, the stronger the impact is.

The better wear resistance and higher hardness of steel ball, the stronger grinding ability the ball has. Large proportion and large size steel balls should be added to grind high hardness and dense structure mines. To effectively grind the small mines, large amount of small balls are needed to increase the ball hit number in unit time.

Steel iron ball is the grinding medium of ball mill and functions by collision between ball mill and steel ball, steel ball and materials. According to the different ball casting technology, different materials can be chosen. In domestic and abroad production, metal content such as chromium, manganese, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, rare earth, copper, vanadium, titanium and other rare metals, alloy elements can be added into steel ball and all this materials are melt in medium frequency electrical stoves.

At the same time, composition, toughness, hardness and ball proportion is the main technical indexes of the steel ball. According to standard requirements, proportion of forged steel ball is 7.8 and proportion of cast steel is 7.5, such as the hole of sand can be reduced to 7.1 below. Under the traditional condition, carbon content of cast iron ball is high, but the hardness is not up to the...
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