Milky Way Flying Object Case Study

Pages: 4 (952 words) Published: March 17, 2018

Part One
The artifact, in this case, is a prototype by the name Milky Way Flying Object (MWFO3). The artifact has been engineered in a way that it is easily maneuvered. In addition, its design has considered the adverse condition of outer spaces such as temperature and flying objects. Therefore, the chances of such conditions destroying the prototype are minimal. Its exterior parts are made out of material obtained from an aircraft, which crash-landed on bare soil. No life forms were found in the airplane when the materials were obtained following the crash. The material was tested to ascertain its endurance abilities against space travel rigors, and it became apparent that it is the most suitable construction...

Also, the other source of inspiration is from watching the Star Trek and Star Wars movies, which portray much about the outer space life forms and communication. From a personal perspective, the extraterrestrial intelligent beings are perceived as life forms with manipulative arms, which can build a structure. Therefore, once it MWFO3 is sent to space, its auditory and visual stimulation will evoke physiological processes in these life forms and they will be attracted to it. In addition, they can communicate as well as have visual senses. Along with that line, the type of communication and what message to deliver makes this topic a problematic but straightforward task. However, with the invention of extraterrestrial intelligence (E.T), it is possible to communicate with life forms beyond planet Earth either telepathically or physically. Therefore, the assumption made about E.T is that provided intelligent beings have undergone evolution to the extent of being able to travel to space, then they have evolved enough to understand each other. To be precise, such beings have some forms of perceptions such as touch, taste, hearing, sight, and...

One of its sides is fitted with a solar panel, which powers model. Therefore, the artifact is portable, small, and has a mass of less than five pounds as per the set construction guidelines. In addition, it has got different colors exemplified by yellow, green, red, white, blue, and orange applied to its sides to enhance visibility. Along with that line, every color shade represents a unique message, and it is controlled by the operator and his or her associates. In this, the model evokes visual stimuli, and it is sensorial in nature. Therefore, the colors are meant to attract an intelligent life form to increase the chances of having a successful...
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