Military Life Essay

Topics: Exercise, Employment, Health Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: October 10, 2008
While working for a civilian company right oiut of high school, I found myself incredibly bored with the day to day routine that a normal job presents. While talking with my brother who was in the Marines he would often tell me his stories about going to various countries and the jobs they would do while they were there, Finally one day he said “why are you still in Detroit, really not doing anything, going to a job you don’t enjoy everyday will wear down on you and turn you into a bitter person”. I could not come up with an answer of why I was still just living a basic life and I decided there were to many life experiences I was missing out on by leading a normal life. I decided to join the Air Force as a way to gain these life experiences, and have been able to accomplish these goals so far. While there are many parallels between civilian and military jobs, there are also many differences. The main differences between military and civilian jobs are the standards of accountability, the overall standard of fitness, as well as the opportunity to work in impoverished countries.

The standards of accountability were the first differences I noticed between the military and civilian world. In a civilian job, you can come in late, wear an outrageous outfit, call off work for just about any reason, nor make any attempt to get along with your co-workers. You are also free to quit your job at anytime or turn down any job that you are asked to do by your boss. These once seemed every normal to me, but once you are in a military job all of those behaviors that are common in almost every company disappear. If you are late to work without a viable reason you will be punished most often times by having to come into work an hour early every day until you can demonstrate your ability to arrive at work on time. You must also always have on the correct uniform for that day and make sure that it is free of dirt or defects. You are also not allowed to call off of work...
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