Military Discipline

Topics: Salute, Military courtesy, Officer Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Military Discipline is the training that develops self-control, character Value of Discipline
No business organization could operate without it.
Everybody is subject to discipline of police regulations, proper sanity rules, etc. The desirable and happy citizen is one who has a healthy and proper concept of discipline.
Signs of discipline are manifested:
1) In a smart salute
2) Proper wearing of uniform
3) Prompt and correct action in case of emergency
4) In battle, efficiency that brings upon victory
True discipline:
a) Demands but reasoned obedience to command obedience that preserved initiative and function even without supervision.
b) To ensure effectivity of a group not only for the specified purpose but also for emergencies.
C. Purpose of Discipline
Bring out uniformity in cooperating for the attainment of a common goal. This uniformity is obtained when an individual understands how to fit into an organization as a whole. To understand one another through the sharing of common goals. To ensure effectively of a group not only for specified purposes but also for emergencies.

To install responses automatically without panic in an emergency. D. Principles of Effective Discipline
Men fell wore secure if they knew that reward and punishment come to them because of behavior and not because of an officer's word, mood or preference. An officer must be loyal to his men and worthy, takes an interest in them and makes sure they are granted rights and privileges.

An officer commands publicly and reproves and reprimand privately. He gains the confidence of his men and is worthy of it.
An officer/leader must set an example.
E. Military Courtesy - it is the accepted form of politeness in the military service. The foremost of this special form of courtesy is the salute. It is the expression or manifestation of consideration for others.

F. Whom to Salute
Commissioned officers of the AFP, National Flag, Colors, and standard...
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