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What were the four waves of migrations to New Zealand and how they have contributed to our national character. New Zealand has had four waves of migration , the Polynesians , the Europeans , the Pacific Islanders and the Asians. These four waves of migrants have contributed so much to New Zealand such as culture , sports , food etc. They have contributed to New Zealand’s national character gratefully and we are very thankful for that. Firstly, Polynesians (Maori) came to New Zealand from Hawaikiki around about 470-1100AD. They came to New Zealand from China and through many generations they came down to islands to another islands and eventually arriving to New Zealand. Polynesians Maori contributed culture, art,food and history. In culture, they contributed Kapa Haka which is Maori war dance. Presently New Zealand performs this dance widely. Even the famous All Blacks rugby team does Kapa Haka when they were at the Rugby World Cup. In food, they mainly contributed kumara with them which now is eaten widely around New Zealand and cooked in various ways. In art, they contributed their own way to carve bones and jades. These carvings, also made out of wood, can be seen almost every marae throughout New Zealand. In history, they contributed their own story of their ancestors. One of the famous stories was Maui and the Sun. In addition, Maori arrival had a great impact of naming of places. Because they were the first people to arrive in New Zealand, they had the advantage to name the places of New Zealand and native New Zealand plants and animals. The pohutukawa and Rotorua can be the famous examples of Maori naming. Secondly, a wave of Europeans came to New Zealand in a period between 1700s and onwards. This wave included explorers, missionaries, whalers, sealers, military and settlers. This wave contributed many things: religion, technology, politics, language and culture. In religion they contributed Christianity. This had a massive religious impact to Maoris...
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