Midas: From Specialized Services to Complex Services

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Midas has been very successful with the service that they have been providing. They are attempting to move from specialized services to more complex services. This is a good thing for them, but they have to look at what this change can do to their company. With the new program there are negative impacts. The negative impacts that this will have are as follows: more training for employees to be able to perform the task that they are asked to do, the operating process will be more complicated for them, they will have additional labor demands that they have not had to deal with in the past, this new process will require the use of certain tools and machinery that will need to be purchased, and there will be more service time per vehicle.

To minimize all of this Midas can start cross training employees to learn more than one trait. This will allow them to rotate from one station to another if one job has been completed and there is one still waiting. Another way to cut down on the negatives would be to change their policy on the wait time. Midas currently states that no customer will wait more than thirty minutes for service. If a new program is going to be implemented then it is obvious that the wait time will be longer if customers require more than one service job at a time. The time should be moved to one hour to give service workers ample enough time to get the job done the right way the first time. Expanding the service area to allow for more than one job to be done at a time would also cut back on time and allow twice as much work to get done as before. reference

When implementing new processes into any business, changes have to be made. In order for Midas to be able to do what it wants certain things will need to be done. The first thing would be for them to expand the working bays where the cars are worked on. The more work space there is the more work can be done. Midas could start to use teams of two or three employees to do one job. This...
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