Microsoft’s partnership with UNHCR—Pro Bono Publico?

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Corporation, Kosovo Pages: 7 (2498 words) Published: October 19, 2014
As the spread of philosophy for public benefit, when public watch the people who is experiencing war and disaster, a particularly strong shared feeling of empathy arose for those affected by the conflict, which in turn led to a sincere desire to reach out to the many distressed people. People begin to think seriously about how they could make a difference to this terrible humanitarian disaster. Microsoft is going to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, it organizes a group of professional technicians to provide technology software and hardware with which a refugees' registration system could be created and through collaboration with NGOs, with UNHCR and organizations that were taking care of the many displaced victims. Microsoft employees initiated a project that would become wide cross-sector collaboration. Loyal to its field of competence, Microsoft donated cash, software, technology assistance, and volunteers' working hours. As things stabilized, Microsoft began to partner with other companies assisted UNHCR in the overall project management pro-bono and provided pro bono time from employees to help roll out the technology in various refugee camps. In the same period, the counter-examples of CSR also alert public to pay attention to the fact that time and space were shrinking rapidly for international business and citizens: globalization had started to leave its marks, financial and business had globalized as well as risks. At the same time, the progressive development of partnerships, ISO and Social Accountability norms and the Triple Bottom Line concept had started to influence a generation of business leaders. It became increasingly clear that good citizenship would need to be closely connected to the corporate mission and not be an "add-on." At the very same time, Microsoft went through a revision of its own corporate mission: “to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential." Looking at its various areas of responsibility, Microsoft chooses to specify ambitious targets for success. In the knowledge economy area, it commits to broaden technology skills and reach a quarter billion people world-wide, underserved by technology. The creation of the European Alliance on Skills for Employability and the investments of the Unlimited Potential Community Technology Skills Program, in this framework, they decided to educate refugees and give them life opportunities. Nevertheless, some questions had been revealed. The cooperation between UNHCR and Microsoft is queried whether it is effective and has interest relationship or not. In the meantime, as the years progressed, UNHCR started to realize the potential of its various corporate partners and spear-headed the creation of the UNHCR Council of Business Leaders. This Council seeks to provide organizational support to UNHCR, capacity building on UNHCR activities like branding and PR, and also to provide the structure for an end-to-end approach to companies' investments for the refugees cause. During the interim of cooperation, the personnel transfer leads to slow development of progress in a short period. Now, the cooperation tends to bright prospect that Microsoft reaches a point of re-assessment of several projects. While global citizenship had become an integral part of the company, it was urgent to define if this field was to be expanded and how. It can be defined that the cooperation of Microsoft and UNHCR is a kind of public welfare establishments which surrounds CSR and experiences several stages, preliminary cooperation, transition period and stationary phase. Here are some following relative questions on this case:

Question 1: Is partnership the answer and can the company leverage all its assets to contribute pro bono publico? Answer: No, we do not think that partnership is the answer and the company can leverage all to contribute pro bono publico. Microsoft engaged in a strategic partnership that is beyond satisfying...
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