Micromeritic properties of starch and aspirin

Topics: Bulk density, Porosity, Density Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: October 26, 2014
Micromeritic properties refer to science and technology of small particles. The study of particle size and the arrangement of particles are of significant importance as it affects the physical, chemical and pharmacologic properties of a drug. Also, it is important for not only manufacturing and packaging but also quality control from raw material to final product uniformity. The science of micromeritic involves the study of particle size, size distribution, flow properties and bulkiness. The flowability of a drug may be dependent on the particle size. Particle size of 250-2000m is freely flowable, whilst the range of 75 – 250 m flows freely or may cause a problem depending on the shape. Very fine particles (less than 10m) do not flow freely as large particles. Particles with spherical shape flow better than particles with a needle shape, elongated or flat shape particles tend to pack on each other resulting in a the powder having a high porosity. High density and low porosity results in free flowing particles.

Micromeritic Property of Starch
The experiment obtained Starch to have a bulk density of 0.48g/ml, i.e. 0.48g of Starch occupies 1ml of water. This value represented the density of starch incorporating the voids. The tapped density was found to be 0.60g/ml. This value represented the density of starch excluding the voids and intra- particle pores greater than molecular and atomic dimensions in the crystal lattice. This simple means, by reducing the number of intermolecular spaces between the starch particles, 0.60g of starch was able to occupying the same volume, 1ml of water. Tapping resulted in the molecules sliding past each other to occupy all the free spaces between the molecules, thus making it more compressed. Bulkiness refers to the reciprocal of the apparent density of starch i.e. the bulk density. The bulkiness of starch was determined 2.08 ml. Void may be defined as the space between the particles in the container (measuring...
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