Microbiology lab final

Topics: Gram staining, Enzyme, Bacteria Pages: 4 (396 words) Published: December 12, 2014
Final exam
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1. Gram Stain

* Verify if bacteria are present or not.
* Controls – positive (purple) – S.aureus

negative ( red/pink) – E.coli

2. Endospore Stain
Positive controller – B. magneterium
Green spore- Positive
Pink (vegetative ) – Negative

3. Acid fast

Positive control – M. smeagmatis

Blue – negative

Pink /red- positive

4. Motility
Positive control - P.vulgaris
A. Non motile is negative test
B. Motile is a positive test

5. Carbohydrates fermentation (test for gram -)
( glucose , manitol, lactose)
Positive control – E.coli (yellow)
Red- no color change – negative test
Yellow – color change – positive test

6. MaConkey’s Agar
Positive control - E.coli
Selective for negative gram stain . Differential for organism that could ferment lactase Growth pink – positive
No growth – negative

7. Gelatin Hydrolysis ( Gelatinase)
Positive control – P.aeruginosa
Liquid –positive test
Solid - Negative test

8. Blood agar
Positive control – S. aureus

A. Betahemolysis
B. alphahemolysis
C. gammahemolysis

9. FTM
*broth – O2 relationship with

10. MRVP (mix acid fermentation)
MR- methyl red (PH lower than 4.4)
Positive control – E.coli
red color- positive test
no red – negative test

11. Voges Proskauer ( acetone) –precursor for those who fermented butane Positive control- E. aerogenosa
Red color – positive test
No color change – negative test

12. Nitrate Reduction
Enzyme – nitrate redactase
Positive control- E.coli
Pink color- positive
No pink – negative

13. Starch hydrolysis (iodine), test for enzyme laminase
Positive control- B. subtillus
Zone of clearing- positive test
No zone of clearing – negative test

14. Fat hydrolysis, test for enzyme lipase
Positive control – S.aureus
Dark blue – positive test
No dark blue- negative test

15. Casein Hydrolysis, enzyme caseinase
Positive control – B....
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