Micro Macro Dilemma

Topics: Time, Term, Nuclear power Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: October 29, 2013

The micro-macro dilemma relates to a variety of circumstances and situations and is essential for numerous decisions daily that people make. This is particularly true for many of the business decisions that organizations make in concerns to marketing. From the perspective of marketing, high-powered engine in cars is a pleasurable and worthwhile option or many consumers, especially consumers who enjoy driving high-powered vehicles or participate in recreational activities that require the high-powered vehicles. The downside is high-powered engines in vehicles are not usually good for society as a whole. So, high-powered engines in vehicles have a beneficial effect for some consumers for some amount of time. However, the time the consumers enjoy this is much less than the affects it has on society as a whole and the amount of people it affects is much more than the amount of consumers it has. The high-powered engines have negative effects on society, such as, being very noisy and disturbing the peace and quiet in neighborhoods and the public. Often times, these consumers are tempted by the vehicles to speed, resulting in injuries and at its worst fatalities. These vehicles also consume a enormous amount of fuel. As most know, the consumption of gas when not necessary has a negative effect on society as a whole since gas and other petroleum products from a dwindling supply. Also, the high-powered engines cause these vehicles to release more than the normal amount of exhaust into the atmosphere as compared to the average size engines in other vehicles. All of these things have long term effects on the environment long term.

Nuclear power has some short-term benefits but these come along with long-term effects that are costly to society in the long run. Nuclear power is resourceful and maintainable source for energy, which makes it a practical alternative to other sources of energy. It is a cheaper source of energy, requires little raw materials for production...
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