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Topics: Michael Faraday, Atmosphere, Bunsen burner Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Opinions about Faraday
On Michael Faraday people have different opinions about him, the majority of the crowd have a positive view about him but some will have a negative and sometimes and it can be different cases why they have a negative view about him, it can sometimes be a different perspective about him or it could be a view. Sometimes it’s mentally and sometimes physically; this makes Faradays such a good role model he did physical and mental changes to people; although sometimes not on the positive side. Some people have positive opinions like he had an importance to live on this planet; he made a different to this world. Everyone is meant to make a difference however he made it; he still has an impact on us now and forever will. He made inventions and theories that helped many/majority of scientist; it even helps us pupil in Woking High to learn from the Bunsen burner and to burn materials and explode different things however we could not do that without Michael Faraday inventing the Bunsen burner. People feel thankful that god sent him here, a phase I say is “God sent him here for Electricity!” * Michael Faraday had a positive impact and people think that, they feel this way because they use and we use generators that he had first had a theory about and if we didn’t have this, life would be much harder and people feel more grateful about this.

People had negative things, depending on their perspective or view. Some people have a different attitude and change their mind about him. Many people do this because of their attitude but various people out there have a view about what is happening to the atmosphere out there and they do not use any of Michael Faraday’s inventions for the safety of the earth. I do not agree with this because life would be much harder and even though the earth does get polluted one person can’t change a difference because a majority of the people in the world won’t listen to you…

* People can have negative things...
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