MGT 415 Week 4 Discussion Questions

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This work MGT 415 Week 4 Discussion Questions under the topic "Leadership Development Within Groups and Group Creativity" comprises an answer on the following problem: "Leadership Development Within Groups. Read the website article, "Leadership Development within Groups: Managing Conflict." Identify a conflict that has occurred recently within a group you are a part of. List the reason(s) for the conflict. Was the conflict resolved the same day? If so, what conflict style(s) were used and were they appropriate? Why? If the conflict style used in this situation was not appropriate, which conflict style would you use? Why? If the same situation happened again, what would you do differently? Respond to at least two of your fellow students Business - Management

Week 1

Organizational Design . More than ever, groups and teams are responsible for executing tasks in the workplace. Take a position on the following statement: All organizations should use the group structure as the basic building block for designing and organizing jobs.

Provide examples to support your answer. In your responses to classmates, take the opposite position your classmates have presented and provide a convincing response designed to change their minds. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

The Research Project . Identify a generic organization (e.g., manufacturing plant, hospital, educational institution). You will use this same organization in your Final Project. Assume that you are part of a research team examining work groups in the organization to determine factors that enhance or inhibit group productivity. Identify what factors you would examine in your research and provide a rationale for your choice. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Week 2

Group Development Process . Consider the Tuckman group stage process schema as discussed in...

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