Mgt/ 230 Week 2 Discussion Questions

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Do you think organizations can over plan? Explain your response. Yes organizations can very well over plan. A way that they can do this is by planning too much and not concentrating on the big picture. The best planning in the world is the worst if it is never implemented. So prioritizing and implementing a plan is also key. Also the type of business that is being run also plays an important role. Entrepreneurs tend to be more of risk takers rather than major companies would plan more and therefore have less success than a big company that tends to over plan. Over planning is not necessarily bad but there comes a point when you just need to make a decision and move forward with it.

What are three factors that affect the planning process? How do these factors affect the planning process? The three factors that affect the planning process are inputs, processes, and outcomes. Since inputs are raw materials brought into the business financing could be an issue. This could affect the planning process because if the budget is not there for it then it could potentially lead to failure. Processes could affect the planning process because if a process is not practical and efficient it cannot be put into motion. Since planning is the first step in the process it would not be able to go anywhere without a well-thought out process. Also if a desired outcome wants to be achieved a proper plan needs to be strategized from the very beginning. Jefferson Hansen april 27 joel falconer
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