Mgt/311 Organizational Development

Topics: Motivation / Pages: 6 (1267 words) / Published: Nov 5th, 2012
Week 3 – LT Chart / Matrix

Part A: Motivational Theories

Select 10 theories from the following list and compare and contrast their applications to your LT organizations. Robbins / Judge chapters 6 & 7 are great resources for this exercise.

|Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory |Cognitive Evaluation Theory |Social Learning Theory |Job Enhancement |
|McGregor Theory X/Y |Goal Theory |Reinforcement Theory |Incentive Pay |
|Herzberg Two Factor Theory |Expectancy Theory |Equity Theory |Profit Sharing |
|McClelland’s Needs Theory |MBO |Job Enlargement |ESOP’s |

Part A Motivational Theory LT Chart / Matrix

|THEORIES |St. Luke’s Medical Center |Aqua Pro Spa and Pool |Danik Gymnastics |DirecTV |Google |
|Goal Theory |Each employee must reach a goal each | |Each team member is responsible for |Set standard of goals- daily, weekly, |To become the best search engine in |
| |day. There are a number of days that | |setting weekly goals with their |monthly goals to achieve. |the world through innovative ideas. |
| |must have patient contact on to ensure | |coaches

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