mgmt 350 exercise 70

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Tyler Johnson
Heather Earl
Human Resources 350
20 April 2015

Exercise #70 To: Wage & Salary Division
From: Mary Wallace-Vice President
RE: Request for pay increase/promotion
Greetings Mary,
After examining your case we would like to offer our support at ensuring that Susan Anthony has the best possibility of being given this position as a senior assistant. As you had stated she fits all the minimum qualifications and demonstrates herself to be a valuable employee. We would like to help you in whatever way you can to be able to place her in this job position. As you understand by our corporate guidelines, we will make sure that you are informed about this situation at it unfolds. Regards,

HR Department
In the circumstances of this case Susan Anthony fits the minimum qualifications for the job and it will just have to be verified that she knows how to use Adobe InDesign within a reasonable timeframe.

To: Kelly Actor
From: Wage and Salary Section
RE: Request for pay increase
Greetings Kelly,
After reviewing the case presented before us, we have review our corporate policies and spoken to several members in our management team. Therefore, we know that you have been an excellent employee for this company and would like to offer you the chance at being promoted to an Executive Assistant position within our company. Additionally, we will not only match the salary being offered to you by the Wispette Company, but also offer a 15% increase to what you are currently earning. Moreover, we would also like to remind you about our excellent medical insurance plan that is compatible with many of the leading medical professionals that your husband can utilize during his rehabilitation period. In conclusion, we hope that you will consider remaining with this company as a valuable and appreciated employee and we will continue providing you the gateway to advance in your career. Sincerely,

Human Resources
In the circumstance of this case we should review the salaries and benefits offered by the Wispette Company and see if our own can be improved.

To: Jane Swenk, Supervisor; M.O. Scott, Administrative Assistant From: Wage and Salary Section
RE: Long-term employee wage dispute
Greetings Jane,
After evaluating your case we have come to a definite conclusion. Your salary over the past 28 years has been based on the factor that we use to evaluate all of the employees within this company. Your performance and work ethic have indicated that you have been paid a fair salary that falls within our corporate policies. Initially, you were given five merit salary increase over the course of your first five years as your daughter has also received. Therefore, we can only inform you that your performance has been critiqued to the standards of our company and we have not found it appropriate to offer you a salary increase apart from our occasional inflation-based increases. We hope this helps you understand the policies of our company with greater depth and if you should still feel that you need to communicate with us, we would be happy to help you. Regards,

Human Resources
This case is based on the fact that a disgruntled employee has not received the salary she is desiring. The only factors to be considered now are to confirm that her performance reviews were conducted fairly over the course of her long career with the company (Stronge).

To: HR Director
From: Compensation Administration
RE: Payroll budget for next month
Greetings to whom this may concern,
We would be happy to provide you this budget and will try to complete it as soon as we can. Regards,
HR Director
We should inquire as to why this budget is necessary for the HR director.

To: Bob Franklin, Administrative Aide
From: Wage and Salary Section
RE: Pay inequity question
Greetings to whom this may concern,
You were given the proper salary for this position...

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