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London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
London, United Kingdom (GB)

Facts and figures
Total size of Heathrow Airport: 1,227 hectares
Number of runways: 2
Length of runways: Northern 3,902m x 50m. Southern 3,658m x 50m. Movements
Annual air transport movements in 2014: 470,695
Daily average air transport movements in 2014: 1,290
Aircraft stands
Number of aircraft stands served by an air bridge: 125
Number of remote stands: 40
Number of cargo stands: 12
Destinations and airlines
Number of airlines: 80
Number of destinations served: 185 (in 84 countries)
Most popular destinations
New York (JFK)
Hong Kong
Passenger numbers
Number of passengers arriving and departing per day: average 201,000 (split 50/50 between arriving and departing) Number of passengers arriving and departing in 2014: 73.4 million Busiest day ever recorded (passenger numbers): 17 August 2014 with 241,412 Busiest year ever recorded (passenger numbers): 2014 with 73.4 million Percentage of international passengers in 2014: 93% (68.1 million) Percentage of domestic passengers in 2014: 7% (5.3 million)

Percentage of business travellers in 2014: 30% (22.2 million) Percentage of other leisure travellers in 2014: 70% (51.2 million) Percentage of transfer passengers in 2014: 36% (26.3 million) Passenger volume by terminal (millions) 2014:

Terminal 1 – 9.8 million passengers on 81,696 flights
Terminal 2 – 6.2 million passengers on 41,481 flights
Terminal 3 – 16.6 million passengers on 82,801 flights
Terminal 4 – 9.2 million passengers on 54,567 flights
Terminal 5 – 31.6 million passengers on 207,859 flights
Cargo volume in 2014: 1.50 million metric tonnes
Terminal areas:
Terminal 1 – 74,601 square metres
Terminal 2 – 40,000 square metres
Terminal 3 – 98,962 square metres
Terminal 4 – 105,481 square metres
Terminal 5 – 353,020 square metres
Figures do not include Flight Connections Centre and passenger piers Terminal openings:
Terminal 1 – 1968
Terminal 2 – 2014
Terminal 3 – 1961
Terminal 4 – 1986
Terminal 5 – 2008

Key milestones
1944: Construction of London Airport's runways begins.
1946: London Airport officially opens.
1955: Her Majesty The Queen opens the Central Terminal Area and Control Tower. 1957: The first non-stop flight to California sets a new record for distance and time. 1964: The Beatles are mobbed at London Airport.

1966: The British Airports Authority is created. London Airport is renamed 'Heathrow'. 1969: Terminal 1 is opened and existing buildings renamed Terminals 2 and 3. 1976: Concorde makes its first passenger flight.

1977: The London Underground link is opened.
1986: His Royal Highness Prince Charles and Princess Diana inaugurate Terminal 4. 1987: The British Airports Authority is privatised as BAA plc. 1997: The Terminal 5 public planning inquiry ends – the longest in UK history. 1998: The Heathrow Express rail service is launched.

2003: Three Concordes make their final touchdown at Heathrow. 2006: The Airbus A380 makes its first UK landing into a newly built Pier 6 at Terminal 3. 2007: A new air traffic control tower is operational – the tallest in the UK. 2008: Terminal 5 is officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen in March; The first commercial A380 flight arrives at Heathrow. 2009: Terminal 4 underwent a major refurbishment to improve facilities. 2010: Demolition work started on Terminal 2 to make way for its £1 billion replacement. 2014: The brand new Terminal 2 : The Queen's Terminal opened for business on 4 June. It is home to the Star Alliance.

Heathrow is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic. Heathrow is also the third busiest airport in the world by total passenger traffic. In 2014, it handled a record 73.4 million passengers, a 1.4 percent increase from 2013.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) including 180 destinations ,which go across most major country and areas over the...
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