Mexico Culture

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The group gave Mexico’s nature value a score of 7, being a harmonious, controlled-by culture. I will slightly disagree but not by much. More than half of Mexico’s population is Catholic with a deep respect for God and reliance on faith. This is important to know because religious values are reflected in their every day lives, both personal and business lives. The group used the example of paved roads as a reflection of Mexico becoming industrialized by converting into a nature -control culture. Although paved roads are becoming more popular in Mexico, it does not take away from being a nature- controlled by culture. Mexico is a nature-controlled by culture and this value is reflected in how they deal with situations that are beyond their control. My mother, a Mexican woman, worked for a lawyer who was also a Mexican woman. Unfortunately, the lawyer’s husband became ill and had been in a coma for a few months. She had taken an ample amount of time off to be with her husband, rightfully so. When she found out my mother was going to visit family in Mexico, she asked if my mother kindly would visit El Santo Niño, a young saint who grants miracles to those who pray to him, and say a prayer for her husband. This scenario reflects the strong reliance on nature being controlled by an outside force and praying for the well being of her husband. Fate, …show more content…
Much of our communication is done in a high-context way and one prime example is the concept around saying no. Mexicans do not often say no to people because they do not want to lose face. Instead, communication is dependent on non-verbal channels such as body language and eye contact or through past interactions. There have been numerous interactions with other Mexican or Latin American colleagues that have agreed to one thing but have done the exact opposite. It is nothing personal to whom they are interacting with; it is more of a way to spare the other persons

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