Metaphysics; Plato and Aristotle

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PHIL 1050.001 and 002: Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2014

a. Introduction
As a major assignment for this course, you are to write an essay paper on a topic relating to the subject matter of the course and drawing on course material. This should be a new paper, written by you individually, specifically for this class.
You have two options to do this assignment.
First option: You can write an essay paper in a rather classic style by selecting one of the listed topics in part b. If you decide to do the first option, you are required to pick one of the listed topics and write a philosophical essay according to the description provided for each topic.
Second option: You can conduct a philosophical project and write an essay on the findings of the project. For this option, you need to become an “undercover philosopher” and interview 5 different people on a philosophical topic given in part c. The final outcome of your project should include the interviews results and your own analysis.
Regardless of the option you choose you are required to follow these criteria:

You are required to do only one of the mentioned options. But it is better to make decision as soon as possible since it will take time to accomplish either of them.

This assignment is due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 28. Late papers will only be accepted with an appropriate excuse and a point deduction.

Your paper will be submitted via TurnItIn through the Blackboard site for the course. Just so you are aware, TurnItIn automatically checks your paper for plagiarism and will catch it if you try.
No email or paper submission will be accepted.

You should use the MS Word template file provided in your Blackboard. Papers not prepared in that format will not be graded.

The final paper should be named as: Your Last Name_Your EU ID_Your Course Section.DOCX o For example if your last name is Jones and your EU ID is

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