Metabical Case

Topics: Marketing, Obesity, Weight loss Pages: 17 (5146 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Table Of Contents 1.0 2.0 3.0 Introduction Executive Summary Situation Analysis 3.1 Identification Of The Problem 3.2 Market Analysis 3.3 SWOT Analysis 3.4 Target Market Marketing Communication Strategy 4.1 Marketing Communication Plan/Objectives 4.2 Marketing Budget 4.3 Schedule for Key Marketing Communication Activities 4.4 Promotional Strategies 4.4.1 Advertising Strategies 4.4.2 Promotion and Public Relations 4.4.3 Sales Force 4.4.4 Comprehensive Support Program 4.5 Product Strategies 4.6 Distribution Strategies 4.7 Pricing Strategies 4.7.1 Potential Customer 4.7.2 Sales Forecast 4.7.3 Return on Investment (ROI) Conclusion





INTRODUCTION Cambridge Science Pharmaceuticals (CSP) was an International health care company with a focus on developing, manufacturing, and marketing products that treat metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, immune deficiencies, as well as other chronic and acute medical conditions. The company captured over $25 billion in sales in 2007. Barbara Printup is the senior director of marketing of CSP who is responsible for the most successful product by CSP, Zimistat. CSP had assigned Printup to be in-charged of the upcoming U.S product launch of CSP¶s newest prescription drug, Metabical. Barbara Printup, Senior Director of marketing for Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) will be the person who is responsible in the product launch of Metabical which scheduled for January 2009. It was now February 2008, and Printup¶s first order of business was to develop a viable positioning strategy and associated marketing communications plan for Metabical.


Executive Summary Cambridge Science Pharmaceuticals (CSP) came out with the first prescription drug approved by the FDA specifically for overweight individuals called Metabical. The majority of Metabical trials participants reached their weight-loss goals by week 12. Although pricing had not been finalized, CSP estimated the retail price for the drug would be approximately $3 to $5 per day, with the average course treatment lasting 12 weeks. In this report, we will conduct an analysis for CSP¶s product, Metabical starting from the analysis of the industry. We will then elaborate the issues regarding overweight and obesity in the United States and analyse the market survey done by the company regarding overweight issues in order for us to decide which is the best market segmentation that we should target. The second focus in this report would be the positioning strategy which we will state the point of parity and point of differences of Metabical and come out with the positioning strategy and target market. The third focus will be the the SWOT analysis of the product which we will state the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Metabical which lead us in deciding which marketing communication strategy need to be taken next. Finally, we will discuss on marketing communication strategy which best suit with the product so that CSP able to communicate well with the target consumer. To decide the best positioning strategy and marketing communication plan, CSP had spent so much time and money in R&D and on FDA trials for Metabical. Printup was well aware that in order to recoup this massive investment, the drug need not only a successful launch, but also long term, steady demand. If Metabical were not successful with initial consumers, credibility of the drug would be in question and FDA approval would mean little. Printup still needed to flesh out the optimal segmentation, targeting and positioning of the drug, Then she could move on to assessing her current marketing 2

communications strategy and developing a timeline for the key activities. The case study had led us in analysing and deciding who was the ideal target consumer? How should each participant in the decision-making process to be addressed? How could these participant best be reached? What was the appropriate message to convey to one of...
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