Mesopotamia and Ancient Near East

Topics: Mesopotamia, Babylon, Fertile Crescent Pages: 2 (255 words) Published: October 20, 2013
HW Assignment 2
1. Please answer and complete all questions.
Submission of Assignment: submit assignment using the dropbox tool on D2L (online campus). Due Date: 11Sept13 @ 11:59pm
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1. Define or identify the following terms or individuals and make sure you understand their importance to the discussion of the Art of Ancient Near East: Citadel
Cylinder seal
Hierarchical scale
Glyptic art

2. List two important Neolithic sites in the ancient Near East: a.


2. What might be the meaning of the animals represented on the Lyre sound box (fig. 2.14a)?

3. The land known as Mesopotamia lay between what two rivers?

4. The Ishtar Gate built in Babylon was (fig. 2.30) was created of ______________________ and covered with _________________________. What motifs were used to decorate it?

5. What subjects were most commonly portrayed in Assyrian reliefs?

6. The doorway of the citadel of Sargon II was guarded by figures known as __________________. Why were they portrayed with five legs?

7. The alabaster vase (fig. 2.6) is the first known example of ________________________ relief sculpture. What does it depict?

8. Identify and name two conventions located in the Votive statues (fig. 2.12)? a.

Discussion Question
9. Define and discuss: What is Civilization?

10. How does the artwork shown in chapter 2 (such as the Victory Stele of Naram Sin, the Stele of Hammurabi, the Assyrian Archers Pursuing their Enemies) reflect the changing religious political ideas of the Ancient Near East?
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