Merit and demerit of nuclear power station

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1. Nuclear power is a controversial method of producing electricity. Many people and environmental organisations are very concerned about the radioactive fuel it needs.
2. There have been serious accidents with a small number of nuclear power stations. The accident at Chernobyl (Ukraine) in 1986, led to 30 people being killed and over 100,000 people being evacuated. In the preceding years another 200,00 people were resettled away from the radioactive area. Radiation was even detected over a thousand miles away in the UK as a result of the Chernobyl accident. It has been suggested that over time 2500 people died as a result of the accident.
3. There are serious questions to be answered regarding the storage of radioactive waste produced through the use of nuclear power. Some of the waste remains radioactive (dangerous) for thousands of years and is currently stored in places such as deep caves and mines.
4. Storing and monitoring the radioactive waste material for thousands of years has a high cost.
5. Nuclear powered ships and submarines pose a danger to marine life and the environment. Old vessels can leak radiation if they are not maintained properly or if they are dismantled carelessly at the end of their working lives.
6. Many people living near to nuclear power stations or waste storage depots are concerned about nuclear accidents and radioactive leaks. Some fear that living in these areas can damage their health, especially the health of young children.
7. Many Governments fear that unstable countries that develop nuclear power may also develop nuclear weapons and even use them.


1. The amount of electricity produced in a nuclear power station is equivalent to that produced by a fossil fuelled power station.
2. Nuclear power stations do not burn fossil fuels to produce electricity and consequently they do not produce damaging, polluting

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