Why Australia Should Embrace Nuclear Power

Topics: Nuclear fission, Nuclear power, Uranium Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: June 23, 2013

I am here to tell you that the worst thing for we could do for Australia is to embrace Nuclear power. First of all, if it such a great thing and it’s just the best for the environment, why do we have to bury the waste in the middle of nowhere in special super safe containers. Another problem, where would we even put these special containers so they don’t harm anything? The problem of radioactive waste is still an unsolved one. The waste from nuclear energy is extremely dangerous and it has to be carefully looked after for several thousand years (10'000 years according to United States Environmental Protection Agency standards). It has very high risks and even besides having a generally high security standard, accidents can still happen. It is technically impossible to build a plant with 100% security. A small accident will always affect the area forever. The consequences of an accident would be absolutely devastating both for human being and even for the nature. What about all the beautiful Flora and Fauna, what people consider to be absolutely beautiful, all wrecked and gone because of an accident, and we are only human, so, this is a very possible thing to occur. The more nuclear power plants (and nuclear waste storage shelters) that are built, the higher is the probability of a disastrous failure somewhere in the world. If we were to embrace nuclear power, we would be a preferred targets for terrorist attacks and no atomic energy plant in the world could withstand an attack similar to 9/11 in Yew York. Such a terrorist act would have catastrophic effects for the whole world. What if there was another attack? During the operation of nuclear power plants, radioactive waste is produced, which in turn can be used for the production of nuclear weapons. I don’t think it is worth it, to risk the Australia, the world, all so we can reduce the affect of greenhouse gas. If we were to embrace nuclear power how long do...
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