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Three Great Conquerors of History
Gaius Julius Caesar of Rome, Alexander the Great of Greece, and Genghis Khan of Mongolia were exceptional rulers during their reign. To this day they are still studied and praised for the achievements and goals they accomplished as rulers. Many historians often find themselves asking the question: “Now what exactly made these men so great?” The answer is quite simple. Each man in charge of his empire had the exceptional leadership skills to pilot an army effectively, dictate the government in which he ruled, and take over large and vast areas of land and control it effectively. These qualities were possessed by each ruler and allowed them to rule effectively for many years. Though all good things must come to an end and even though they did not live to see some of their dreams come true these men raised and set the bar of how leaders should lead, conquer, and act.

Julius Caesar was born into a very prominent family of administrators and conquerors (Sivers, 180). This would make perfect sense since he goes on to be a very powerful military and political leader. Julius Caesar became head of his household at the age of sixteen when his father passed away. After this, a bloody dispute comes about involving his uncle and their bitter rival Sulla. After a short stent as priest, Caesar joins the army and immediately begins to move up the ranks (Grant, 23-24). During his life he conducted very many military campaigns, at one point during his military career he was in charge of four legions (Grant, 31), which was a big army during that time. One of his most famous expeditions known as the Gallic Wars took place partially because he was in debt. For the most part this campaign was a failure because the original Triumvirate died and secondly, Caesar was pushed back most of the time. Finally he got the upper hand on Vercingetorix at the Battle of Alesia. This seemed like a for sure win for the Gauls, but with Caesar’s very skillful military tactics, he and his men were able to push the Gauls back and cause them to surrender. One more important thing to add is that while he reigned over the empire of Rome, he never lost a war (Grant, 57). His strong presence and clever tactics made him and his men untouchable on the battle field.

Alexander the Great was born and raised in a wealthy family. Because his dad was also a ruler and King, Alexander often was taken care of by nurses and aids of the royal family (Green, 22). When Alexander reached his teenage years, his dad set out to find him a tutor. The only one he found to be suitable was the one and only Aristotle. Shortly after his tutoring was complete, Alexander was put in charge of a small force of troops. When the opposition came for him and his men, he drove them out efficiently and because of this great skill, his father put him in charge of another group that went out on campaigns (Green, 43). These campaigns proved to be successful and year after year Alexander began to control more and more men, and each year he continued to impress his fellow officers and his father. Like Caesar, Alexander the Great was also undefeated in battle (Green, 46), and by the age of twenty he was in charge of literally half the world. When it was all said and done Alexander the Great had conquered the Balkan territory, Asia Minor, Syria, the coast of Levant, Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia. This was such a spectacular and unbelievable feat for someone so young.

Genghis Khan was destined to be great at birth. History records confirm that he was born with a balled fist which meant he would one day be a ruler. Like Caesar and Alexander, Khan also came from a family in charge. From a young age much was expected of him. At the age of twelve he was sent to his wife’s family who was previously arranged to be with Khan. Khan however does not stay long and goes back to his family. While Khan was away his father passed and...
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