Mongols Essay

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The Mongolian Empire

The Mongols, which were one of the greatest empires of their time, had unique traits which made them successful. They are vastly known for their military tactics, that led them to prosper. Wrapped up in a single word the Mongols were unstoppable. These remarkable people left an imprint on history to show it is possible to rise above even the harshest conditions. The Mongolian empire was successful due to their vast understanding of how to conquer an empire, dealing with environmental setbacks, and makeshift technology.

To begin with, the Mongols in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries were brilliant warriors who always kept their goals in focus. The Mongol empire should be described as fierce, their advantage was the fear that they brought to others. They based their life of of raiding other civilizations to survive. They were constantly on the move, never fixated in a single region. They were accustomed to having little, so it didn’t make an impact on them if they were stuck without necessities for a short while. This was common as they were always on the move and lacked in many needs, for example, food. The absence of a heart was clear when it came to killing others. Battle was the only reoccurring theme in the Mongols day to day life. Not only did they raid others of all that they had, but they also clung violently to what was theirs. If a man was caught stealing from the Mongols, he was executed. According to Secret History of the Mongols, they treated their own as family but, were beastly to outsiders. Unlike many empires, the women were brought up to fight like men as well, According to Matthew Paris. This meant everyone was a warrior, which increased their numbers. This all led to the Mongols being virtually undefeatable.

The Mongols were also faced with a dreadful homeland, it only provided obstacles for the Mongols to overcome, this led them to be self-sufficient. The Mongol homelands, according to John of Plano Carprini,...
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