Men of Honor

Topics: Carl Brashear, United States Navy Diver, Master Chief Petty Officer Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Movie Review
Men of Honor

Venessa Seldon
Central Michigan University
HDF: 110
Oppression: Roots & Impact 22177961

Cosby, B. and Robertson, S. (Producers) & Tillman, G. (Director). (2001). Men of Honor [Motion Picture]. United States of American: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation The movie begins by introducing Master Chief Leslie W. ("Billy") Sunday (Robert DeNiro), a US Navy Diver, who has recently gone AWOL. The movie then flashes back 25 years, where an African-American boy named Carl Braschear is watching his father work the plow on their farm. Carl wants to quit school so that he will be able to help work and then prevent the farm from ruin. Carl’s father is against his son being "like him" and stuck working on a farm. As time passes Carl (Cuba Gooding Jr.) decides to join the Navy. On the day Carl is leaving for the Navy, Carl’s father gives his son a custom-built portable radio as a memento of home, and tells Carl to be the best, even if it means breaking the rules. Carl winds up working in the kitchens on the USS Hoist in the South Pacific. He and the other African American officer’s joke about the so-called "bright future" the Navy promised them. Afterwards, Carl and his friends go up on deck where the white officers are swimming (the black crew members are assigned a specific day when they can swim). Carl, tired and hot, decides to jump in the water. The white officers try and chase him down, but Carl out-swims all of them. The ships' captain meets with Carl and, impressed with the boy's speed, decides to transfer Carl to the search & rescue swimmers, a group assigned to rescue anyone who falls overboard on ship. A few days later, the ship is rocked by an apparent crash. Carl assists the others on deck in raising a Navy Diver from the sea floor with the wounded pilot. The Diver is Master Chief Sunday. Carl, having seen Sunday's actions as heroic, is inspired and vows to become a Navy Master Diver. Two years later, Carl is...
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